Makr Design Studio Collaboration

Asili is excited to introduce the upcoming MAKR x Asili olive wood dish that has been developed in collaboration with MAKR- design studio. 

Based in Florida, MAKR work across a wide range of scales and disciplines, from soft goods and leather accessories, to product design, furniture, and interior architecture. Makr share a passion for handcrafted design, using techniques that result in thoughtful, quality designed pieces that last a lifetime. 

Makr are committed to socially responsible labour practises and in most cases work in the close proximity to their Florida based studio.

MAKR - founded by Jason Gregory in 2007/ image -Makr

The collaboration with Makr, celebrates the unique qualities of reclaimed olive wood and the nature of hand carving - the beauty of imperfection. 
 A collaborative version of Makr's 'Flat Dish Hook',designed by Jason Gregory, each piece has been individually handcrafted by our team using carving technique's that have been passed down through generations.  Hand carved patterns have been used to complete the dish, each piece is detailed with impressions from these hand carving techniques. 

Once carved, the dishes were sent from our team in Kenya to Florida to have their hook applied, be engraved and finished by the MAKR team. 

Below is some of the documentation and development from this collaboration. We are now at the final stages of the project and we are excited to share the final result soon.  

Concept Design -Sketches by Makr

Concept Design -  hand carved marking technique exploration/ Image by Makr

Development - Material exploration, pink soapstone / Image by Makr

Development -Material and form exploration/ Image by Makr

Reclaimed Olive Wood

We look forward to sharing the final product soon.