Reclaimed Olive wood

We are so proud to be supporting such a talented team, who not only create our Olive wood products by hand but source their all their wood in a sustainable way. For every tree stump we use, two new trees are planted. 

The team is driven by a wonderful women who saw potential in the Olive wood trees that were going to waste, she decided to start working with discarded wood, to prove that good quality wooden products could be produced sustainably.

All of our designs have been produced from Wild Olive Wood tree’s that have been cleared for local farmland. With a permit from the Kenyan Forest Service, certifying the wood has been sourced sustainably, our team collects abandoned stumps and takes them to the workshop for seasoning.  Once seasoned, the carving process begins, our artisans attention to detail and careful skill work all by hand constantly continues to amaze us!

Along with being a very hard wood, requiring a higher level skill for carving, Olive Wood has a beautiful dark grain that marbles through in oil like patterns, this distinguishes it from other hardwoods.  The beauty in this, is that no two pieces are the same, making each hand carved piece unique. 

The team carve within a small workshop based in central Kenya. Each artisan is extremely talented, working with tools and carving techniques that have been passed down through generations.
We feel privileged to be able to support and work with such a great team in order to produce fair trade, quality designed products for you to enjoy!  

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