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Asili X Citta Spatula


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 100% Reclaimed Olive Wood
Origin: Kenya
Dimensions:  35cm  (diameter)

Sourced from Kenya’s Rift Valley, the wood has been reclaimed from abandoned stumps of Wild Olive Trees that have been cut down to make room for local farmland.

All Asili olive wood products have been produced from wild olive wood tree stumps. With a permit from the Kenyan Forest Service, certifying the wood has been sourced sustainably, our team collects the abandoned stumps and takes them to the workshop for seasoning.

The stumps are dried for approximately 3-6 months, before the carving process begins by our Kenyan based team. Each piece is individually handcrafted using no more than hand tools, it is an extremely fascinating process to see, our artisans carving abilities constantly continue to amaze us!

The unique grain, the texture and beautiful rich colour of the olive wood stumps make each piece one of a kind.

Every olive wood piece has been ethically and sustainably sourced from start to finish within a fair trade environment. For every stump used, two trees are planted.

A collaboration between Asili and Citta.

Care: Hand wash only.  Polish with a food grade mineral oil if required.