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Soapstone Tray


Composition: Soapstone
Origin: Kenya
Dimensions:  15cm (L) 9cm (W) x 1.5cm (h)

Soapstone is a metamorphic rock that consists of the mineral talc, also commonly referred to as steatite, it is known for being soft and easy to work with. Asili soapstone is sourced from family owned quarries in Western Kenya.

Our Soapstone is sourced in a small region of Western Kenya. Communities within this region have been using soapstone for generations. For many families their soapstone carvings are the primary source of income, they sell their work in the markets and shops across Kenya.

Most of the quarries are family owned, the local people who own the land, also live on it. Their houses are located next to mining pits and the owners are paid by the kilo for the soapstone that is removed. Specific carving skills and techniques have been passed down within families, some reaching up to three generations of carvers.

From marbled whites, soft pink and orangey hues, to deep bluey grey's the soapstone comes in a range of naturally occurring colours. These natural minerals found within soapstone makes each individual piece completely unique.

Every piece has been hand carved from start to finish within a fair trade environment.

Care: Hand wash only using lukewarm water. Never leave to soak and dry immediately after use.  Not dishwasher safe. 

Shipping: Tracked Courier - Free for orders over $100. $8.00NZD for orders under $100. 1-3 Workings Days (excludes processing times)